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Hey there, Melanie here!

These days, with all the crazy makeup trends on YouTube and millions of pictures of hairstyles on Pinterest, 

I understand that the beauty industry can be a bit overwhelming at times. 

I'm here to ease your mind by offering a few answers to some of the questions that I receive most often from my clients. 

Q: "Why should I hire a professional hair and makeup artist?"

A: Professional hair and makeup artists know how to achieve the best look possible in every situation. Professionals understand how makeup looks on camera, how to make bridal hair and makeup last all day, and even how to make it look as if you're just naturally flawless, as we all wish we could be! As a professional, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients in various environments and of various backgrounds. I have spent thousands of hours in training and I am always striving to perfect my skills, as well as stay on top of current trends, through continuing education. My goal is to make you feel beautiful for any event!

Q: "What is airbrush foundation?"

A: Airbrush foundation is a lightweight liquid foundation that is dispersed using an airgun. The makeup tends to settle on top of the skin versus absorbing into the skin, giving the skin a softer, more matte finish that looks amazing in photos! It is great for covering blemishes and texture in the skin, however, it is not generally recommended for overly mature skin with a lot of wrinkles as it can tend to settle into creases. A beautiful finish can be achieved using traditional makeup as well, but I personally find that airbrush foundation tends to be more long-wearing and transfer resistant. 

Q: "Is airbrush foundation worth the additional cost?"

A: In my opinion, absolutely! For example, I wore airbrush makeup when I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in July. It was an outdoor wedding, in 90-degree heat, with long dresses and hair extensions (which is pretty much like wearing a scarf). Needless to say, I was sweating like crazy the whole day, and even more so after tearing it up on the dance floor for a few hours! But by the end of the night, my makeup hadn't moved and still looked incredible! So, in my opinion, the extra cost of airbrush makeup is well worth the peace of mind knowing that my makeup will look great all day. 

Q: "What about false lashes? I don't want to look too overdone!"

A: No worries! There are tons of different kinds of false lashes, many which are very natural looking and just enhance the lashes you already have. Lashes look awesome in photos and you don't even have to go too dramatic...unless you want to, then I say, "Party on!" :)

Q: "Is 'Kim K. Kontouring' really necessary, and will I look like I escaped from Cirue du Soleil?"

A: Nope and nope! Basically, the purpose of contouring (and highlighting) is to either minimize our less-than-favorite features or to try to enhance other features we wish were more prominent (like when I try to make it look like I have great cheek bones). Contouring and highlighting can be very light and natural, or it can be very dramatic depending on the overall look desired.

Q: "I've heard it's best to have dirty hair for an updo or bridal style, is that true?"

A: Well, that depends on your definition of "dirty". For some, their hair might feel dirty after only a day, and for others it might be a week. But too much oil in the hair can weigh it down and make it difficult to style. With all the products available on the market these days, I can make your hair "dirtier" if I need to, but I can't really make it any cleaner. So in general, I usually suggest washing your hair no more than 24-36 hours before the event.

Q: "Is a bridal trial run really necessary and why does it cost as much as the event day services?"

A: A trial run is not required but highly recommended! The last thing a bride wants is any kind of hiccup on her big day, especially regarding her hair and makeup. A trial run gives us an opportunity to iron out any kinks regarding your final look so that you are confident that you will look amazing on your big day! Not to mention it's a big time-saver. A trial run also gives us a chance to get to know each other and see if we click! :) Regarding cost, any professional is going to charge for their time. A typical trial run can last anywhere from 2-3 hours, which is almost twice as long as the event day services. So, most artists will either include it in the price of services, or will add it a la carte. 

Q: "Do you carry makeup for women of all different skin tones?"

A: I wouldn't be a professional if I didn't. A true professional makeup artist should be able to work with any skin tone or type. Beauty comes in all colors and it's my job to enhance that beauty. Period. 

Q: "Does that go for different hair textures as well?"

A: Yup! Now that being said, some artists may not specialize in certain services such as braiding or extensions, but any professional hair stylist should be able to work with any hair texture. 

Q: "What product brands do you use?"

A: I use a variety of professional products from different brands that help me achieve the best possible application. 

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I would love to answer any further questions you may have!

Please feel free to contact me HERE!

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